Social Media

The Engage Voters social media service begins with a reset and complete update for all platforms in line with the campaign theme, coloration and positions. The look and feel of Facebook updated to be in line with the look and feel of Instagram & Twitter. While messaging is different on each platform, all social platforms become united around the campaign and candidate.

Facebook & Instagram accounts are brought into compliance to allow for campaign advertising should the campaign decide to do so.

Actual posts are created by our content creators in conjunction with the campaign and require campaign approval prior to posting. Additionally, weekly-monthly-quarterly reports are distributed to outline the effort and effectiveness of the campaign as well as competitive reporting to contrast with opposing campaigns. This reporting is granular to the most successful posts of the client campaign as well as any opposing campaign(s).

All social media clients also may add our listings service. This service places campaign information, logos, images, bios and other information on over 70 sites including search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Engagement Services

Digital Advertising

Targeted digital advertising using segmented voter files to reach specific voters.

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Automated “ROBO” Calling

Full service targeted automated calling campaigns using segmented voter files (ours or yours) to reach the right voters with the right message.

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Campaign Consultation

With over 30 years experience, we are available to offer all levels of campaign consultation & management.

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eMail Campaign

eMail is the most difficult/easy thing to do. The content has to look right, the voter list has to be right & you need an open rate that gets the job done.

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Voter Data

With a 30-Year history of providing the most up-to-date targeted voter data, our team works to create the voter list that makes the most sense for your campaign.

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Live Calling

Start the conversation, identify Voters and identify Influential Voters.

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Phone Banking Software

It’s not just calling, it's maximizing phone technology while using matched voter data to reach as many of the right voters as quickly as possible.

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Printed Mail

We design, print & mail the campaign piece directly to your voters.

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Telephone Town Hall

Through a traditional form of communication, the phone with a 21st-century web interface to create an interactive town hall meeting.

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MMS Texting

Text your targeted audience 720 characters, a link & a picture with 80+ percent delivery rate.

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Website Development

We will build, update & maintain your campaign website.

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We are the SERVICE providing matched Voter Data, Engagement Services and Campaign Consultation. We are an extension of your campaign.

Ultimately it’s about the voters so the voter data is critical. With over 30 years experience, Jerry Skurnik and Stu Osnow bring real experience and knowledge to curating our voter data and customizing voter engagement. Of course we’ll also work with your data if you wish.

We are about engagement. Once we have the audience, we work with you to connect and engage with them. We have 12 services available to campaigns. We can do a program a la carte with one service at a time or we can create a multi-service plan with a number of services rolled out over the course of the campaign (and everything in between).