Phone Banking Software

It begins with the data. Engage Voters Data is curated to meet the needs of specific outreach or the overall campaign. As with all engagement services we offer, we recommend hyper targeting to maximize budget and message. You are able to segment the data with tags (ie “prime voter”, demographic or geographic information).

Log in to our cloud-based software from anywhere. Connect to the dialing platform using any phone, VOIP softphone, or, have our business phone system call you. Set your Caller ID (or dynamic Local ID), select the numbers to call (entire list or a subset of the list).

With Local Caller ID reach less voicemail and more live answers. Increase live answer rates by displaying a local area code for out-of-area calls. Get only what you need, and cover your entire team with one plan.

7 out of 10 calls go to voicemail. Drop pre-recorded voicemails in one click, without you having to wait for the beep. While your voicemail gets dropped, you're already on to the next call.

Texting and dialing go hand in hand. Send a text message directly from the dialer window to complement call and email communications. Reach voicemail? Text your contact that you got their voicemail and to call you back, or check their email for your proposal. Talk to your contact live? Text them that it was great to connect, and remind them of your upcoming appointment. The opportunities are endless.

Build a library of emails to cover common scenarios. Send fully personalized emails based on the result of any call with a single click.

See when prospects open emails, click links, view attachments, watch videos and more. Keep focused on the most engaged leads in your pipeline, and follow up at the perfect time.

Virtually anything you do to a contact after a call, can be automated. Custom buttons can set a status or disposition, leave a note, set a tag, move a prospect to another folder and more.

Engagement Services

Automated “ROBO” Calling

Full service targeted automated calling campaigns using segmented voter files (ours or yours) to reach the right voters with the right message.

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Campaign Consultation

With over 30 years experience, we are available to offer all levels of campaign consultation & management.

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At Engage Voters US, we understand the importance of door to door canvassing in voter outreach campaigns.

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Digital Advertising

Full service targeted automated calling campaigns using segmented voter files (ours or yours) to reach the right voters with the right message.

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eMail Campaign

eMail is the most difficult/easy thing to do. The content has to look right, the voter list has to be right & you need an open rate that gets the job done.

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Live Calling

Start the conversation, identify Voters and identify Influential Voters.

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MMS Texting

Text your targeted audience 720 characters, a link & a picture with 80+ percent delivery rate.

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Printed Mail

We design, print & mail the campaign piece directly to your voters.

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Social Media

Social media has changed the game, allowing incumbents and newcomers alike to speak directly to constituents on everything from policy to what they had for lunch.

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Telephone Town Hall

Through a traditional form of communication, the phone with a 21st-century web interface to create an interactive town hall meeting.

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Voter Data

With a 30-Year history of providing the most up-to-date targeted voter data, our team works to create the voter list that makes the most sense for your campaign.

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Website Development

We will build, update & maintain your campaign website.

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We are the SERVICE providing matched Voter Data, Engagement Services and Campaign Consultation. We are an extension of your campaign.

Ultimately it’s about the voters so the voter data is critical. With over 30 years experience, Jerry Skurnik and Stu Osnow bring real experience and knowledge to curating our voter data and customizing voter engagement. Of course we’ll also work with your data if you wish.

We are about engagement. Once we have the audience, we work with you to connect and engage with them. We have 12 services available to campaigns. We can do a program a la carte with one service at a time or we can create a multi-service plan with a number of services rolled out over the course of the campaign (and everything in between).