Your Full Service Texting Solution

MMS Peer To Peer Texting, 83% Average Delivery Rate

We work directly with you in the setup, planning, execution and reporting for your text campaigning.

Voter Data; OURS or YOURS

When using campaign-supplied data, we’ll check your numbers (free of charge) and confirm your cellphone count ahead of confirming services.

When using our Prime Voter Data, we provide either Standard Voter Data or Enhanced Voter Data. When purchasing the data for text campaigns, we deliver the data file for your ongoing use. We confirm valid cellphone count.

Regardless of data source, we can also use a portion of a data file based on more or more attributes. This allows for micro-targeting part of the overall file.

Text Content

There are 3 elements to an MMS Text Message;

Testing & Approval

We want to make sure the text campaign goes off without a hitch. Our testing and approval process is very specific

Running The Text Campaign


Within a business day of the event, the campaign will receive the detailed report in Excel format.

The report will summarize everything from the time they received the message to if they responded. This is great for follow-up because you will have access to all phone numbers and see any responses and be able to respond with a thank you from the campaign. Results (questions, answers to polling or donation/volunteering) will be available with the contact list/information.

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service. Multimedia because you’re able to send images and links without fear of being blocked by mobile carriers.

In MMS texting, you are also able to ask questions (aka polling).

Text Message Campaign Follow Up

The information we get from the text campaign is a huge help in approaching other next steps in engagement.

Engagement Services

Automated “ROBO” Calling

Full service targeted automated calling campaigns using segmented voter files (ours or yours) to reach the right voters with the right message.

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Campaign Consultation

With over 30 years experience, we are available to offer all levels of campaign consultation & management.

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At Engage Voters US, we understand the importance of door to door canvassing in voter outreach campaigns.

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Digital Advertising

Full service targeted automated calling campaigns using segmented voter files (ours or yours) to reach the right voters with the right message.

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eMail Campaign

eMail is the most difficult/easy thing to do. The content has to look right, the voter list has to be right & you need an open rate that gets the job done.

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Live Calling

Start the conversation, identify Voters and identify Influential Voters.

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Phone Banking Software

It’s not just calling, it's maximizing phone technology while using matched voter data to reach as many of the right voters as quickly as possible.

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Printed Mail

We design, print & mail the campaign piece directly to your voters.

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Social Media

Social media has changed the game, allowing incumbents and newcomers alike to speak directly to constituents on everything from policy to what they had for lunch.

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Telephone Town Hall

Through a traditional form of communication, the phone with a 21st-century web interface to create an interactive town hall meeting.

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Voter Data

With a 30-Year history of providing the most up-to-date targeted voter data, our team works to create the voter list that makes the most sense for your campaign.

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Website Development

We will build, update & maintain your campaign website.

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We are the SERVICE providing matched Voter Data, Engagement Services and Campaign Consultation. We are an extension of your campaign.

Ultimately it’s about the voters so the voter data is critical. With over 30 years experience, Jerry Skurnik and Stu Osnow bring real experience and knowledge to curating our voter data and customizing voter engagement. Of course we’ll also work with your data if you wish.

We are about engagement. Once we have the audience, we work with you to connect and engage with them. We have 12 services available to campaigns. We can do a program a la carte with one service at a time or we can create a multi-service plan with a number of services rolled out over the course of the campaign (and everything in between).